Sunday, February 26, 2017

Inspiring family physicians on social media

In my last post, I mentioned "articulate and inspiring family physicians on social media." I thought I'd take a break from my current post arc and share who some of these amazing people are, both family docs and those who advocate for Family Medicine:

Dr. Mike Sevilla @drmikesevilla
Dr. Ranit Mishori @ranitmd
Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer @AMorrisSinger
Ms. Molly Talley @mollytalley
Dr. Bich-May Nguygen @bicmay
Dr. Carla Ainsworth @SeattleFamilyMD
Dr. Pat Jonas @apjonas
Dr. Kenny Lin @kennylinafp
Dr. Mark Ryan @RichmondDoc
Dr. Jay Lee @familydocwonk
Dr. Jen Brull @mrsbrull
Dr. Kim Yu @drkkyu
Dr. Heather Paladine @paladineh
Dr. Emily Lu @dremilylu
Dr. Anne Montgomery @AnneMont
Dr. Glen Stream @grstream
Dr. Reid Blackwelder @blackweldermd
Dr. Robyn Liu @rliumd
Dr. JL Richardson @drjfpmd
Dr. Torian Easterling @KTEGlobalMD

Please check them out! If you're not on social media, please know that Twitter is more than the US president's rants and what your favorite celebrity ate for breakfast. There's a vibrant medical community on Twitter that's well worth a few minutes of your day.

I am 100% sure that I have missed some worthy individuals, so please add them in the comments section below.


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