Friday, April 29, 2011

Traveler's wish list

I travel fairly frequently to conferences for our residency program - to help with resident recruitment, to learn, to present, and to support our residents and fellows who are presenting.  In the last five years, I have traveled to such events an average of four times a year.  I have seen a lot of hotels and conference rooms!

This week, I have the privilege of attending another meeting, but my experience, yet again, could be so much better with only a few minor changes by the hotel.

Here are my top gripes of hotels in no particular order - hotel business owners, are you listening?

1. "Nickel and diming"
Conference hotels are not inexpensive.  Even with the "conference rate," one night typically costs in excess of $200.  Yet, if I want WiFi in the quiet privacy of my room, it almost always costs extra.  If I want to use the work-out facility, it also usually costs extra.

2. Exhaust-ed
Why don't most hotel bathrooms have exhaust fans?  A 10-minute shower steams up the entire bathroom and usually the rest of the hotel room to boot.

3. Insufficient work space
I am sharing my room with a colleague to lower the cost to our program.  But there is only one small desk in this room.  Hotel "business centers" typically consist of 2-4 antique computers suitable for little more than printing out boarding passes, with little extra work space.

4.  Mega-air conditioning.
Even the men in short sleeves can be heard complaining about the temperature at these meetings.  Even if it's 90 degrees outside, does it need to be a meat locker inside?

5. Crappy hangers - or not enough hangers.
Eight hangers for two people for five days?  And trying to hang pressed clothes onto a hanger that you can't remove from the closet rod?  Please.

6. Slooooow elevators.
'Nuff said.

But, don't despair conference attendees.  Stay tuned for tips on how to overcome these obstacles and have a great conference experience!

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