Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As an academic family physician, the daily workings of my career are a mystery to many of my family, friends, and even my private practice colleagues.  Shows like "Gray's Anatomy" give a sensationalized (albeit entertaining!) account of the US medical education system, carefully altered to appeal to the masses.

The realities of my day-to-day life are alternatively more mundane and thrilling than any TV show has yet managed to capture.

In this blog, I'll share tales of my patient care, teaching, research, advising, testing, recruiting, QI-ing, problem-solving, and assistant Family Health Center directing.  I probably won't be able to resist commenting upon some non-medical topics as well.

So, follow along as I describe life as junior faculty in a family medicine residency program!  Given the unpredictability of my life, I'm not comfortable committing to a regular post every day/week/whenever, though, so keep an eye out on your blog reader for updates (and I'll tweet when there's something new as well: @SingingPenDrJen).

Thanks for stopping by!

(N.B. I will take the utmost care to preserve the anonymity of my patients, learners, and colleagues along the way.)


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I look forward to learning from your posts. Family Medicine can always use more bloggers. As you mention, people need to learn about the reality of academic family medicine.

  2. Uh, yeah. What he said :) Welcome, welcome, welcome! Look forward to reading more...

  3. Thanks to you both for your kind comments - much appreciated.

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog and I wanted to share with you how much I enjoy the warmth, caring and respect for your patients that comes through in your tone. I look forward to reading more!